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Welcome to Abundance Agency, where talent meets transformation! We are more than a talent agency;

we are dedicated to elevating and empowering dancers in the vibrant South Florida community.

Our mission is to provide dancers with the mentorship, representation, and support they need to thrive in the competitive dance industry. As industry professionals, we understand the unique challenges and dreams of talent because we've been there ourselves. Our dedicated team combines industry expertise with a passion for nurturing talent, helping talent build sustainable and successful careers. From auditions to bookings and everything in between, we're your trusted partner every step of the way.


At Abundance Agency, we organize our talent by height and ethnicity, embracing diversity and inclusivity. This approach empowers our clients to find the perfect fit for their projects while celebrating the rich cultural tapestry of South Florida. It ensures an optimal pairing for creative visions and enhances the client experience, making the booking process seamless.


Join us in shaping a brighter future for the South Florida dance scene, where abundance knows no boundaries. Explore our talented roster and discover the magic of dance, diversity, and dreams brought to life.


At Abundance Agency, our mission is to empower and elevate the South Florida dance community to embody and abundance mindset and strive for personal excellence. We are committed to providing personalized mentorship, representation, and unwavering support to our talent. Our goal is to nurture their artistic growth, open doors to opportunities, and instill an abundance mindset within the industry. We are not just talent agents; we are mentors and advocates, dedicated to helping our talent flourish in their careers.


Our vision at Abundance Agency Inc. is to revolutionize the South Florida dance industry by becoming the premier destination for personalized guidance, representation, and mentorship. We envision a future where every talent can thrive and shine, guided by our commitment to empowerment and abundance. By nurturing talent, promoting diversity, and fostering continuous learning, we aim to shape a brighter future for South Florida’s dance scene, transcending boundaries and becoming an informed, skilled, and united community.


Jasmine Garcia, the visionary founder of Abundance Agency, is a passionate force in the South Florida dance community. With a background as a seasoned dancer herself, Jasmine embodies the agency's mission and understands the unique aspirations and challenges dancers face. Her journey is rooted in the hunger for change within the talent pool, a deep desire to create opportunities, and an unwavering belief in an abundance mindset.


Jasmine's unique background includes an impressive academic journey, holding Associate's, Bachelor's, and Master's Degrees in Health Service Administration. She previously lived a "double life," expertly balancing her career in the healthcare industry while nurturing her deep love for dance. Her unwavering commitment to the dance world led her to make a pivotal decision: leaving her leadership role in healthcare to pursue a leadership role in the dance industry.


Inspired by her environment, Jasmine founded Abundance Agency to be a mentor, advocate, and champion for dancers. Her personal story, marked by a courageous leap from one world to another, fuels the agency's commitment to nurturing talent and providing a holistic approach to career development. With Jasmine's leadership, Abundance Agency is set to transform the South Florida dance scene and empower a new generation of dancers to thrive.

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